What is Viral Wall St Alliance?

The VWS Alliance is a private group formed to bring like minded people together in order to benefit personally, socially and to enlighten our communities on issues that will adversely affect them. There is strength in numbers and power in networking.

Goals: Note these goals are to be applied only where legal, moral and ethical. For legal reasons and to prevent any issues for members and or any officials in office please note that the goals are not requirements nor does memberships require all member have to abide by these goals.

To network and build relationship that will be beneficial in various aspects of our lives.
To share information amongst ourselves that will enrich our lives financially.
To offer discounts on goods and services to members.
To aid members in their careers and businesses when able.
To open and fund an independent lab that will test and report openly the content in food and medications without bias despite the source of the funding.
To provide the public with a credible site that will share information on health and laws and or policies that will adversely affect the general public.
To fight back by being properly informed.

Membership is by invite only.
Membership fee is a recurring charge. (No refunds cancel at anytime)

NoteExcuses never yield positive results and the time for change is always today. If you were invited to this group and you are serious about getting ahead then don’t allow yourself to make any excuses.  In life you can have excuses or you can have positive results but you can’t have both.

What happens in VW Alliance is private and stays in VW Alliance.
You may share your business or information but never use high pressure tactics on any member to join your business.
Always remain respectful. We all are different and join for different reasons but all wish to grow and work together where applicable.

We meet once a month at 7 pm- 9 pm (Included in Membership)
Private location for members only (Locations may change as membership grows)
Members must have photo ID upon entry (Government issued ID)

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   In life you can have Excuses or you can have Positive Results but you can’t have both. 
   The Time for Change is always now never tomorrow.
   All Memberships are reviewed and by invite only.

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